Ms. Preeti Mukherjee,

Alice Blue is having a very user friendly and effective platform. One can easily trade with this. The kind of margin they are giving, even a small trader can also trade with this. I am having account with other brokers as well, but no one is giving that much of margin level. Now I am easily continuing my trading career with Alice Blue ...The customer service and support is very essential in a stock market. I don’t know Alice Blue as a person, but one person is there, who is Uttamji. His customer service and support is unparalleled. You won’t believe, I used to call him on Saturdays and Sundays, but he never says no to his customer. Thanks to Uttamji and thanks to Alice Blue.

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Mr. Srini Vasan Nikhitha

I have been into equity and commodities trading for the last 5 years, and have joined Alice Blue recently. Trading with Alice Blue has been a good experience as the ANT mobile application is very user friendly. Queries from the support team get answered quickly and they do a follow up as well if the query is closed or not ... It has been a good experience trading here and looking forward for many more good years to come.

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Mr. R. Bala Subaraminan,

I have been a franchisee for Alice Blue for 8 years, since 2012. I have not faced any problems so far. They provide good service and the pay-out is on time. Coimbatore branch is coordinating, and they have been offering good help. I wish the Best for them.

Mr. Santosh,

I am a franchisee for Alice Blue from 2011. Alice Blue team has supported and provided good service for opening customer account, and pay-out. They support and help very well. The Coimbatore manager, Mr. Dinesh, helped me and supported me to grow my business. He provided very good support. Thanks to Mr. Dinesh and Alice Blue team.

Mr. Bhoopathi

For the past one week I have been a franchise and have faced no problems so far in pay-out, and my customers are also satisfied. It’s been a good support from Alice Blue. Thank You.

Mr. Avinash Kumar

The customer executives are really very supportive, and their software are really helpful. For me the best part is the intra-day return, is very high compared to other options, which is very good as it helps in compounding.

Mr. R. Manikanth Prabhu

Whether it was for account opening, dealings, or any other queries they help us on time and there is proper response from them. I am also receiving my monthly payment on date. Thank You.

Ms. Sridevi Avanigadda

The app is wonderful and I am really satisfied with it. Chart view has much more indicators even in mobile app. Chart is really appreciated, Branch support well with trading calls and software support. Additional products like Trade store are very useful. Overall comparative to other softwares ANT is very good platform to trade.

Ms. Sunaina

I have been associated with Alice Blue since the last 1 year. They are providing high margin, their software & apps are very good. They also provide free analysis. The support from the company is also good.